It’s About Costs…

It’s about the TOTAL costs of violence and who should pay – 

Freedom from Violence is a national project for advancing a new profile strategy, and a marketing/event funding mechanism -toward a movement with a broader based, higher profile anti-violence, and illegal gun reduction impact. Why is this mission important to us?

  • It’s about an economy that doesn’t really exist for millions of vulnerable young men and families.
  • It’s about economic violence that is bred from that vulnerability.
  • It’s about gun manufacturers, sellers and buyers that profit from, glorify and literally enjoy violence.
  • It’s about the NRA that is the “front man” for the gun industry profiteers and their pawns.
  • It’s about a video game and movie industry that glorifies and profits from violence.

It’s about the MONEY!  Even more than the cigarette and alcohol industry, it will take billions and billions of private and public dollars every year, for many decades to come, to achieve Freedom From Violence – to reverse the culture that makes profiting from, enjoying and owning instruments of violence “cool” – just like we did with the cigarette and alcohol industries.

Friends in the Freedom from Violence movement – this is our request today - 1) This strategic marketing plan needs your feedback first so please contact us with suggestions. 2) We need to forward it on to supporters of the movement to develop and further the principal 2013 strategy components: High profile fall hearings on the TOTAL cost of violence, a national marketing strategy session, and a BIG event in every supportive city on the anniversary of the Newtown shooting. We can be a model for the nation, and the globe, on the call for a new basic freedom – Freedom from Violence, and the base for a new national/global strategy, funding mechanisms and foundation.

Thank you. Thomas Harens and Jean Ross, Directors of the Freedom from Violence project.

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